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Tibetan Chilli Sauce

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Our Story

On our (me and my wife) short journey through Lhasa, Tibet that started from Kathmandu, Nepal. We fell in love with local delicacies to the extent that we started dreaming of visiting this mystic land again but all in vain. So we tried to replicate the recipe on our own with some help from local friends we made on our journey. And finally, after two years of failures we managed to perfect this mouth watering sauce and would love to share with you all.

"I bought some of this a few weeks ago at the Takapuna Market and its bloody awesome. It has the heat but so much flavour, I would highly recommend it. Emailing to get some more"


"This is something out of the world. 
Bought a bottle, finished it in an hour, went on to buy another. Highly recommended."


" Best chilli oil ever!
Bought this chilli oil at Hobsonville farmers market and have been obsessed with it ever since. Addictive and delicious! "

Louise G.

The most delicious chilli sauce and chilli oil. We first purchased these at Titirangi market and absolutely love the flavour and have ordered some more. By far the best chilli sauce I have ever tasted. The chilli oil is equally delicious and compliments and brings to life so many dishes.

Emma M.

In-Store Locations

Kruka's Products are available in New Lynn, Howick and Glenfield and Ponsonby.

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